Cross-border eCommerce Program

for Products and Services.

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  • Program Fee: USD 1199

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The development of Cross-Border eCommerce displays an important oportunity to improve company’s international insertion into new markets, especially SMEs; through their own webs or through third-party platforms or applications.

Live sessions


30 hours

2 months

November 16, 2021

Academic Board

Marcos Pueyrredon

Marcos Pueyrredon

General Director

President at eCommerce Institute and Global Executive SVP at VTEX 
Speaker, Global Retail eCommerce & Digital E-Learning Specialist. 

Sebastián Herrera

Sebastián Herrera

Program Director

Manager at Price2b

Professional Specialized in eCommerce and Crossborder Logistics for the retail market. Strategic vision and strong commercial profile. Solid experience in the definition, implementation and execution of innovative growth strategies.

Main objectives

Design and implement a comprehensive training and acceleration plan to promote exports through Cross-Border eCommerce. SMEs will learn how to expand worldwide operations by using commercial platforms in order to achieve global markets.

  • Enter into the world of CrossBorder eCommerce.
  • Know the processes and actors involved in the commercialization of goods and services through the Internet.
  • Provide participants with tools to perform crossborder operations.
  • Use the Internet as a vehicle to establish new business partners and thus diversify risk.


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